There is a pumpkin taped to the side door, made from orange construction paper by one small five year old.  Beyond the glass of that same door there is a garden flag hanging from the porch that has an orange fabric pumpkin sewn to it, and beyond that there are glowing orange trees.  At this time of year, orange seems to be everywhere.


This is a blog post about a handmade orange Hobbes.  My boys love to read Calvin and Hobbes comic books and David especially has such a fondness for them.  After reading the comic books for a while, David thought he would make himself a Hobbes.  He didn’t think about trying to purchase one, because he watched a documentary about Calvin and Hobbes and learned that Bill Watterson didn’t want companies making Hobbes or other merchandise that goes along with the comic.  “I made Calvin and Hobbes as a comic strip.  That’s all I want them to be.”  David knew if he wanted a Hobbes he had to make one himself.

First of all, he needed some orange material.  He had just the thing in his dresser.


For Hobbes’ white belly he used……another shirt from his dresser.

The next thing he needed was a pattern.


After drawing his pattern, he set to work.  He had help in threading the needles and taking out knots.  He used a black sharpie to give Hobbes his stripes and then took a break to scrub ink off the wooden floor in the master bedroom, where he worked.  He had various other problems, and even put Hobbes aside for a month or so, but eventually completed him last week.  He had him on his shoulder for a day and then unfortunately his little brother somehow ended up with him.  When David finally found him, to his horror Hobbes’ arm was hanging off by a long string and a seam had opened, exposing stuffing.  He was tempted to throw Hobbes away but put him back on the sewing table instead, to work on after his emotions cooled.


David is home sick today and as a surprise, someone who loves him very much reinforced Hobbes’ seams.  David was sound asleep when it happened, so when he woke up, he was surprised to find Hobbes on his pillow, ready to spend time with his boy once again.  They are currently on the couch watching Wild Kratts.


21 thoughts on “orange

  1. That is so precious. And he did a good job. He doesn’t know it now, but he has a mom who is one in a million. Some day, he will!!! (And all this effort will come back to bless you!) Good post, Shanda.

    • I told him, and I wish you could’ve seen his face. Humble and proud at the same time! He was thrilled that someone from WA saw his creation and liked it. 🙂

  2. wow! what a smart and talented young man you have! (i think i know where he gets his creativity😊)… How sweet of “someone” to reinforce that little treasure! i hope he wakes up feeling better!

    • Thanks, Dana! He is still feeling run down, but still has an appetite and is cheerful enough….he just LOOKS tired and acts tired, you know? I think the day at home helped because he was able to rest a lot….he’s in his first year of Middle school which is a big deal, getting used to all the teachers and classrooms…and is also growing like a weed, I’m sure that adds to his tiredness. I hope you had a good day today!

  3. What a clever David ….Very clever and inventive ..being a full time sewer and crafter I am sure he will make many other items in his life ….please let him be as creative as he likes as I didn’t have the encouragement and now at 59 I wonder what I could have done if I had only gone to an art college when I was young …..Creative mind is a busy mind and always being creative means you are never bored and you have lots of ‘ I made that moments’
    Thanks for posting this Shanda ….I think David is very talented ..Well done

    • Janet, there is so much wisdom here in your words. I like what you said about having a creative and busy mind means you are never bored, and that feeling of accomplishment after a job well done! Glad you liked the post and I’ll keep on encouraging David! Let’s see what he comes up with next! 🙂

  4. Wow. I’m impressed! I don’t think I could have made that. He is an excellent cartoonist, too. You have some really gifted children…and they are blessed with a very sweet Mama.

    I love the picture of the brilliant orange tree!

  5. How fun, I love to see what children can create and he did a fine job!!
    He’s like my children used what he had around the house, a shirt did the trick for what he needed it for, too cool! And I totally knew who it was when he finished !

    • I was actually pretty relieved not to have to go to a fabric store, even though I did like the shirt, too. 🙂 What sort of things do your children like to do?

      • It seems like Grant uses a lot of tape lately, and string, Grants always making a bow and arrow, or carving wood or digging holes. Megan uses my fabric and has been making headbands and doll clothes. Mia just made a bag, with Grandmas scraps. I’m always amazed how they come up with this stuff!! :O)

      • And I think mine would have fun with your children too, and you and I would tag along with our cameras right?!! :O)
        I wish I could meet a lot of my blog friends,I always think it’s too bad that I can’t be neighbors with a lot of my blog friends! I’ve only met 2 of my xanga friends in real life and I’ve never been disappointed the friendship were just as nice after we met!

    • Hi Polly! Good to hear from you! David loves his creation and he says the next thing he wants to make is a mask for Hobbes to wear while he plays “Calvin-ball”. Are you working on any quilts? I finished a crocheted pillow for David and am going to start the next one (for another child) soon.

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