4 thoughts on “it’s called “gatorland” but there are a lot more than gators here……

  1. Oh my goodness! How cool are those birds eating out of their hands? Parakeets? Caleb looks like he is in heaven with that snake and Alligator. 🙂 Loved seeing these pictures.

  2. The parakeets are so pretty! We went to someplace like that in FL. (though not nearly so nice) before we went to Africa. That was in 1966. I remember looking at the snakes with my 18th month old, and saying “No, no. Bad Snake. Don’t touch. No no! It must have made quite an impression because she claims she still remembers it. And she didn’t try to touch any snakes while we lived there. Another little MK saw one in her house and tried to grab it. She had an African teenage babysitter who moved her immediately and killed the snake. Most of the snakes where we lived were poisonous.

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