home for her (quote)


(old cookbooks from my friend Kara)

“She dreamed up her home, filled it with the abandoned goods of other people’s lives, rejected the perfect housekeeping standards of the woman who lived in it fifty-four years before her, opted for imagination over monotony, overruled perfection for authenticity, and out of necessity accepted her role as ‘housekeeper’, but in spirit is a ‘homemaker’.  Home for her is inspired by experience, tastes, and the strong desire to keep memories of everything she does not want to lose.  She believes fervently in intimacy and comfort and asserts with her philosophical Russian soul, “that beautiful homes bring up beautiful people, in every sense of the word.”

pg 117,  A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life,  by Mary Randolph Carter


(wall in my bedroom with little bits and pieces of my heart)


 (freshly picked lilacs on a doily made by Great Grandma)


(beautifully messy bookshelf)


(small things)


(nature art purchased from the antique show, and thrift store)


 (latest pages from scrapbook/journal)

10 thoughts on “home for her (quote)

    • It takes me for.ev.er. to fill up one journal but then they are priceless to me! I intend on giving them to my daughters or granddaughters someday.

  1. Love the quote! How have you been? I miss the little notes since getting off pinterest. I love your little corners! Thanks for sharing! Christina

  2. Love all the little homey things. I would enjoy a go at your bookcase 🙂 Lilacs and Peonies, I always smell and sometimes buy when I see them here at Trader Joes, because we cannot grow them.

  3. shanda how do you slow down time to be able to do these little things to express your love for your life? I feel like I barely have time to breathe!

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