today’s thrifting treasures



A fire is crackling in the other room, David is under a flannel quilt with a cat, Seth is playing with legos at my feet, and I’m sitting in the recliner with the old Audrey Hepburn movie Sabrina on TV.

It was a pleasant Saturday morning.  Grace and I decided to go downtown.  By the time we got ready to go, Sarah, David, and Jacob convinced us to let them come, too.  We listened to a John Denver concert on PBS while I fixed Grace’s hair in two french braids, as she requested.



Saturday morning is the only morning of the week we can be slow, take our time, not rush.  I enjoyed fixing my girlies’ hair.

It was a nice spring-like morning, with temperatures in the mid 50’s.  We parked down at the thrift store and did a little shopping there.  It’s a great shop because they charge next to nothing for their stuff.

Grace and David held hands and skipped down the street to another junk shop.  Jacob and I followed, with little Sarah holding my hand.

We ate pizza for lunch and walked back to the car to drive to two more second hand stores, and the library to return books.

We were a cheerful party of five…….would you like to see what we found?



a little pink bench for Sarah’s dolls.

a barbie.  a pony.



a sweet lace-trimmed pillow with a dancing boy and girl for Sarah’s bed




a “one september” blouse that Grace found for herself



oversized cotton kitchen towel and seven spoons which are currently soaking in bleach water



wooden framed country decorations






The most thrilling; knitting needles, green rick rack and brown lace trim (three dollars)

knitting needles!!




My second most thrilling find; a McCoy Orange cookie jar.  Oh, I love it.  There was a strawberry and a green pepper, but I preferred the orange.




the lovely lid, may it never break




I brought this home for my husband.




“Mr. Great-heart”




“I am always full of good motions.”




“Mercy would be making coats and garments for the poor.”




I’m happy-happy about my new crochet project, with a pattern that I had to figure out, more complex than I’ve ever attempted.  It’s not perfect but it’s beautiful to me, and I’m going to keep working on it now, and then make cookies to put in my new cookie jar, with Sabrina on as well.


“Ah! There you are. You’re beautiful!”  ~Rumi


Happy Saturday my friends!

5 thoughts on “today’s thrifting treasures

  1. Happy Saturday to you! We are definitely kindred spirits. I love all your finds, and I watched Sabrina recently myself. Now if I could only crochet like you…

  2. Wow, your crocheting is really coming along! I’m impressed! Two colors already? I love all of your thrift store finds! The picture of Sarah is precious. 🙂

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