ice and rain and orchids in january


In January
its so nice
while slipping
on the sliding ice
to sip hot chicken soup
with rice.  Maurice Sendak



So far in this month of newness, we have had deep freezing temperatures suited for ice skating, snow to make us stay at home, and now…..rain.

January is a time to rest after the holidays, and a time to talk about the weather.

Sarah herself says that today is a fine day and I quite agree.  When we went out to the chicken coop we were quite happy to get rained upon.  It was ridiculous and made us laugh.  Rain in January?


In other news, we have orchids blooming in my bathroom.  Rich bought me these last year and I am just thrilled that they grew new branches and blossomed.  There are five big magenta blooms and it amazed me to see them uncurl from their buds.  Imagine trying to fold them back in?  God is truly a master designer, my son David works so hard to make an origami masterpiece out of a flat sheet of paper…..God takes a seed, which grows into a green leaf and stalk, and a bud, and the flower UNFOLDS ITSELF from it just perfectly!  And that’s just the basic explanation, there is much more to it as we all learned so well, in science class.




Yesterday morning’s frosty ice.

“Hast thou entered into the treasure of the snow?”  book of Job


It was so beautiful by the stream, doesn’t this look like melting candles flowing into a wax puddle?  or a cow udder?


I saw this beautiful bare foot sight this weekend….Grace was playing songs for the little ones on the computer, songs from the movie “Frozen” that Rich and I took the girls to see.

Sarah’s been wearing her fanciest dresses at home and I say, “yes”, because life is short and tiny girls grow out of little fancy dresses eventually.


I love feathering my nest……


I found this tea towel yesterday.  It’s just right.


My ring came back today!!!!!!!  ( from Rich for Christmas, I had to get a smaller size)



My pantry.

“You overflow my cup.”  lyric from a worship song by Audrey Assad.


My darlings painted the most beautiful pictures this morning.



Sarah played on my bed with the new bunnies.


She wanted to keep them but I said these bunnies live on mommy’s bed, this is their country, but you can visit them.


Hot chicken and noodles, a wonderful dinner for a January evening.



I absolutely positively cannot believe it’s raining today!

Quote from today:  “Seth I just burped, did you hear that Seth, I burped.”  ~Sarah, who thought he would be proud.


11 thoughts on “ice and rain and orchids in january

  1. Love it. That ring is beautiful and the tea towel you found…WOW! I am a tad bit envious 🙂 Perhaps I should try my hand at making my own version of this towel as I love the idea of having this reminder hanging in my kitchen each day. I found myself griping while doing dishes the other day and I immediately felt guilty and thanked God right then and there for having dishes to wash. Dirty dishes, I reminded myself, means that we have food to eat. Those chicken and noodles look perfect and delicious! xo

  2. What a lovely post! I was especially drawn to your beautiful orchid. I have one that hasn’t bloomed in a long time. I keep watching and hoping that it will bloom again. Any tips?

  3. The ice is so lovely. Like winter lace. We keep you in mind when reading weather reports and wonder what you are receiving. Wow, you did so well with your orchid! I am always pleased when they rebloom, but have never had such a good success as yours. So beautiful, each flower is a masterpiece.
    David and I want to see Frozen too. He loves that studio’s graphics.
    Lovely finds. I have to take down Christmas this week. One of the rewards is putting out other lovely things. 🙂 Lord bless you my friend. Jenny

  4. We have the grey bunny from Anthro! We have two actually…one boy, one girl…brother and sister 🙂 Sophia got them for Christmas. I just couldn’t resist!!!

    I love the line you wrote…January is a time to rest after the holidays and a time to talk about the weather. So true! Today it’s almost -50 with the windchill..everything is shut down..even some stores! However Saturday we are supposed to have yes, a time to talk about the crazy, crazy weather. 😉

    Your orchid is lovely, your home is lovely and your ring!… It sort of looks like the one I sent Jeff the little email that Tiffany’s let’s you send to give a hint. 😉 I do that all the time…it’s sort of a joke between us. Your ring is beautiful! So trendy, yet classy.

    Happy Monday to you.

  5. Ooh! So much beauty in one post! What a beautiful orchid!Flowers in the cold do so much to lift the spirits! And huge pantry! Here in texas it has been unusually cold. Lots of hot tea, books, movies, candlelight, and game playing. I love feathering my nest too! I love seeing corners of your home!:)
    Christina gomez
    Ps. Your ring is beautiful

  6. I love the pantry! I’m hoping we can have something similar in the new house

    The orchids are such a beautiful color,.

    I love the way you captured the frost. I tried to capture some frost on the trees up at our house in AR over the last two weeks, and failed miserably.

    The whole post is beautiful.

  7. I’m late coming to this but just to say that you might enjoy the book ‘Seed To Seed: The Secret Life of Plants’ by Nicholas Harberd, who is a plant geneticist and writes wonderfully about nature. The book focuses on one particularly plant – a thale-cress growing in an East Anglian churchyard. I read it some years ago but pulled it off the shelf after reading your blog entry and am now keen to read it again.
    My kids are now mourning the fact that last night’s episode of Sherlock was the last of its very short run (presumably now that the 2 lead actors are international movie stars it is hard to get them together for filming). As London kids who travel around by tube and know all the locations it is interesting for them that the series has been such a global hit.
    Best wishes,


    • Hi Joan, Thank you for your interesting comment! I will look for the book. Also, my daughter Grace is wondering how old your kids are, and if they would be interested in becoming her penpal. (Grace is 14). ~Shanda

      • Sorry Shanda, only just seen this. I have three children – two boys aged 16 and 14 and my daughter Marcella who is 12 (13 in May). She’s in bed at the moment but once she is awake and alert I will ask her about this. Just off to watch the first in the new series of ‘Call the Midwife’. Will be in touch soon, Joan

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